Avengers Assemble!: A Quick Review

I have already seen this twice. That should tell you already. However, I will begin by saying (once again) Joss Whedon is a genius.

He (literally) combined several different Director’s styles, framing each re-introduction of the Avengers in these styles. An example? With the Hulk, there were the cool purples and greens from the last film with Ed Norton. Another? The sepia tinted wide angles of Captain America introduce us to Cap again. When our heroes finally do assemble, they come together in a single seamless and creative Whedonverse vision. The direction, for me, was the most integral part of the movie, and as Whedon also carried half the burden of the script- well, KUDOS.

Whedon is having a good year.

One other note before I do the good; Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner was the hail Mary pass that saved the movie. We had all accepted Ed Norton as the classic Banner, intellectual and just a little off. However, Mark Ruffalo not only brings the casual genius of Bruce and his nerdiness, but shines as a Banner with anger always simmering deceptively beneath the surface. He is a Banner that has already been living with the Hulk, and the Hulk and him are slowly becoming one. It is beautiful and seamless. Thank you, Ruffalo, for stepping up and hitting the Grand Slam. He is possibly one of the best things in an amazing movie.


- I will never not be amazed that Chris Hemsworth can act.

-Can RDJ drop the act and tell us he is Tony Stark?

-Ditto to Fury

-“He’s adopted!”

-Hulk and Thor’s relationship

-Thor’s introduction

-ScarJo’s body. Really, that alone deserves an Oscar.

-“Suit up!”


Ok…I could say bad things, mostly that the plot was a bit rushed, etc etc, whatever…

On a scale of stream with caution and go see it right twice; I have already seen it twice, obviously, go see it. Now.

What are you doing? GO!

See it in 3D though, I have seen it in both and normally I wouldn’t choose 3D, but it really does wonders.

Avengers, Assemble!

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The Cabin in the Woods: A Quick Review

As I haven’t been to the movies in a while (I did see American Reunion, fun to see if you even like that kind of movie), there have been few to no Quick Reviews.

I plan on fixing that upon graduation.

Joss Whedon, as we all know, is king of the nerds, this nerd included. That being said, I will try to not give away too much. This movie is probably the most unique of the year. It has been plagued by the bankruptcy of MGM and so we almost never got to see this. Poor Chris Hemsworth, our once and future super star. Congratulations, Drew Goddard (Director and co-writer)! In the words of my friend, “This is the most original screenplay since District 9.” It is. I don’t care if you hate horror, this movies so much more.

At times it was slow, but never boring. There were moments were I craved action, and other moments where it went on just a little too long. Cameos that were made seemed a little haphazard and tagged on, but so delightful.

The Good? Again, I am limited because it is more fun to find out for yourself.

-Chris Hemsworth. His subtle character devolution (watch the movie) is amazing. Thor can act y’all. If he (and his brother Liam) represents the future of Hollywood, I welcome my Aussie overlords.

-The story itself is excellent

-the one liners, like all things touched by Whedon, it is quick and snarky.”We should not separate…we should..SERIOUSLY?”

-Stoners are bad ass.

-All around, the acting was tight, the pacing quick, and there were some fun shots.

On a scale of ignore to go buy tickets and see twice? Buy the tickets. See it twice. You won’t be sorry.

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Moneyball: A Quick Review

I FINALLY SAW MONEYBALL. Even though Jonah Hill will now think he is a movie star, I will say this…

Moneyball may be one of the better movies this year. It has wry sense of humor, fantastic acting on all levels (especially from Brad Pitt and Philip Seymour-Hoffman), beautiful action sequences all wrapped up in the beauty that is a good sports movie.

Things I loved:

-The pauses- PauseActing is not something I go for in theatre, it created levity, brevity, and seriousness depending on the mood and what was called for, again it all comes down to the acting.

-Director Bennet Miller, he really did some excellent work

-Aaron Sorkin, doing what he does best, a quick witted script with lots of walking and talking. He may be pompous but that man can sure write.

-Chris Pratt as Scott Hatteberg, really phenomenal

-EVERYONE gave this suprised open mouthed confused look, priceless

-Gratuitous shots of Mo Rivera and Derek Jeter <3

What I didn’t like? The cliche daughter. Hoffman was underused (I was also spoiled with him and Paul Giammatti in the same film in Ides of March, they are phenomenal together). Robin Wright was superfluous, why even have her in the movie? She is a great actress who needs meaty roles, they should have just handed off her 6 minute role to some other actress. The movie lagged in some parts, and the end dragged on (if you know how it ends).

The ending isn’t a surprise for anyone who knows baseball. Even the nail biting scenes aren’t a surprise if you know this particular season from the A’s. I love baseball, I knew this season, I was still on the edge of my seat. Go watch what is likely to be one of the top contenders this year the Oscars

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Ides of March: A Quick Review

This is the movie to see. Mind you, I have yet to see Drive. Apparently, that’s also THE MOVIE to see. If you’re on a budget and can only choose one little goose movie to watch (get it? GOSLING?), this is it.

Ryan Gosling is phenomenal in this movie. He hods his own against THE CLOONEY, THE SEYMOUR-HOFFMAN, THE GIAMATTI, and THE TOMEI. Each one of these actors puts in a great performance and truly get it. No one is good, and much like Game of Thrones, no one is wholly bad. They’re human.

Many critics have claimed that this movie is less than the sum of it’s parts, but honestly, it is incredibly telling that when we walked out, my friend and could not stop talking about it. This movie doesn’t shed any new light on politics or is very controversial, but truth is, it will make you look at Obama’s campaign and give it the side-eye. It takes Shakespeare’s tragedy Julius Caesar (where the title originates from), and spins it. It adds new meanings to death, Portia is hotter and well, the Bard has never looked as good as he does in this Clooney incarnation (he is one of the writers).


My goddess Evan Rachel Wood.

George Clooney, the Director

George Clooney, the President


All around captivating and thought provoking performances. It is not a perfect movie, it is heavy handed in its imagery and does end on a…somber note. However, do, pay for this movie. Go to the theatres. Vote for it during the Oscars.

Side note: Anonymous is a travesty, don’t bother. W.E.- the Madonna debacle? Also, don’t support Madge and her movie endeavors, maybe we can convince her to do more music this way.

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50/50: A Quick Review

As it is late and I am exhausted, I bring a very happy return! A REALLY QUICK REVIEW!

This movies is not quick, it is lyrical. It is also biting, incredibly sarcastic, and pitch perfect. Obviously there was a lot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, America’s cute boyfriend. There was far less Seth Rogen than the trailer lead on, but this was ok. In this kind of movie, his sarcastic bark seems out of place and almost harsh, but juxtaposed with JGL, well, great chemistry guys!

Anna Kendrick once again hits a home-run with her supporting role- when is this girl going to get a role she can sink her teeth in (I will forever be amused that she’s in the Twilight series, you go girl).

Angelica Huston is well preserved and poignant, though wholely underused. Her comedic timing and (again!) chemistry with Seth Rogen was glorious.

Great sweet ending. As for the joke that this is just (500) Days of Summer with Summer being replaced by Cancer, you’re wrong (albeit amusing). It is sweet, heart wrenching and captivating. I am exhausted from a friends marathon birthday weekend and have a habit of falling asleep in movie theatres- I stayed awake guys!

I won’t say more because on a scale of don’t bother to run out now and buy all the advanced DVDs AND see the it in theeatres, this rates a- suck it up and go to the movies, you’ll love it and feel good.

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Crazy, Stupid, Love: A Quick Review

Movies I have seen that I have not reviewed: Cowboys and Aliens, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Horrible Bosses. As these are all standard movies for the later parts of summer (with the exception of Planet of the Apes, most excellent! GO WATCH IMMEDIATELY), they are all pasable and serviceable. If you have free passes, do it! Watch C&A in those new RPX theatres, sounds totally worth it.

But our featured review, the one I that has lifted me from my late summer doldrums is Crazy, Stupid, Love. Many critics would tell you something is missing, and truth is, something is. The plot was loosely tied together, the supporting character development was very thin, I never cared enough about Julianne Moore’s character to learn her name and there was not nearly enough Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Jesus, do those two have chemistry. Jesus, does Gosling have abs. For miles.

That being said, everyone was charming (is that weird to say about casts?). Every single person was magnetic, even Moore whom I love in everything she does always. The climax was hysterical, unexpected, and makes it a most glorious farce. It reminds me of some of Woody Allen’s romantic comedies, so much neurosis with a dash of sexy. Somehow, against every fiber of my being, I ended up finding Steve Carrel attractive.

Normally I would launch right into a list of things I lurved (yes, lurved) but why? I want you to find out for yourself. Final Verdict? If it wasn’t obvious, go see it! Mostly with you best girl or gay best friend (holler at me C-bear).

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.2: A Quick Review

First and foremost, for a proper review please go here. It is touching and wonderful.

And now on to my review, which for once, will live up to its name. The movie was a fitting end to a wonderful and sometimes shaky series. BEST MOVIE EVER? No. The acting was spot on. The script was nearly pitch perfect. The cinematography was gorgeous. While I had some quibbles with the direction of certain scene, in the end it doesn’t matter because it is the end.

It was incredibly painful to see the prologue because if my classmates were already grown up I have to grow up to. Seeing them 19 years down the line was unnerving-imagine seeing your best friends and their lives 19 years from now. It’s odd and weird and thrilling and scary.

Inevitably that’s what the post-Potter world is.

In short? See this movie, because you love Potter. If you don’t? See it because you will be able to feel connected to something greater.

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Friends with Benefits: A Quick Review

Tonight, I had the chance to catch a preview of this movie out in July.This movie had a lot to overcome: the stigma from the phrase it uses as it’s title (there’s a reason why No Strings Attached didn’t use it), the fact that it had to follow a movie with what seemed to be the exact. same. plot, the disturbing similarity to Black Swan. This film was set up to either fail a spectacular Karenina like disaster, or, against all odds, be fucking amazing. Well?

It was fucking amazing.

It may be that I am under the influence of that warm after glow you get from sex, where everything is sunny and magical birds sing to you (looking at you 500 Days of Summer), but that movie had me smiling the entire time. You know when people say (imagine this in your best Woody Allen/Barabra Streisand impersonation) , “Ugh, I laughed, I cried, it was unbelievable.”

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Bad Teacher: A Quick Review

Two words: Surprisingly Amusing. I liked that I loved Cameron Diaz’s character. She was lovable, if irredeemable. Her character could have easily been obnoxious, but Diaz’s natural perky attitude allows us to like her, even if she does some awful things. And awful things she does, let me tell you. You like her even as she does the worst things imaginable and I found myself covering my eyes. She has all the spunk of an adorable kitten coupled with the bristly attitude of a cat that has been thrown into a bath tub. All around, well done Cammy, well done.

On to her castmates: Jason Segel played his self. Justin Timberlake was awkward and adorable, but I am looking forward to his role in Friends with Benefit next week. (It is preview season, what can I say?) Everyone played extremes, there was a very thin story line. Points for being somewhat clever on the premise and for not being lazy in wrapping it up at the end.

Quick Review take? Don’t pay for it unless you have free passes or got the tickets cheap. You aren’t missing much, however, it isn’t incredibly predictable. Like to watch 90 minutes of (good) SNL sketches strung together by some kind of pretense? GO SEE IT!

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No Strings Attached: A quick Review

I am going to say something I may regret. Nathalie Portman is adorable. She may possibly be able to act more than melodrama (please do not get me started on Black Swan). There she was being all bitchy and then she goes and makes me laugh out loud. Folks, I do not laugh out loud easily. Especially if it’s this type of movie. You know, the required crappy movie after winning an Oscar release.

Here are things that actually make this somewhat entertaining:

  • A mommy dearest/postcards from the edge type of a relationship but between a Dad and Son.
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Quick Script
  • Nathalie Portman’s non bird related acting
  • Kutcher’s ex GF
  • College
  • Ludacris
  • Scrubs
  • People being mean to pretty people (though it is a Hollywood Story, everyone is pretty)

Obviously, anyone can guess what will happen. Obviously, this movie is ridiculous and told from a cock heavy perspective. People ask: DO people talk like this “I’s like there’s a murder scene in my pants.” Yes, my friends and I do. I would enjoy a period mix and boys to bring me cupcakes. Is this even remotely realistic? The no strings part yes. America, we can’t always watch art house movies. BUUUUUUT, I wouldn’t suggest paying for this. At times it wants to be (500) Days of Summer. It is not. I will probably see the Kunis/Timberlake variation mostly because, well, they’re just more likable. Their chemistry seems less forced. I give this a stream with caution.

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